RMA Procedures
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Vadas International commits to customers with over 90 days quality guarantee period, during which customers with doubts of the Vadas's goods quality shall comply with our RMA process in order for us to provide you with timely solutions.

  • If you have doubts with goods supplied by us, please contact the correspondent sales representatives and provide the following documents:
    1. Sales invoices and packing lists in order for us to obtain the detailed information of the relevant goods from our quality control database.
    2. Sending us failure reports by e-mail or fax for us to contact with the correspondent vendors for quality problems consultation and eliminate potential risks.
  • Vadas International committee to provide positive strategies and solutions/schemes to your problems within 24 hours after receiving the RMA application.
  • Sample inspection, we need customers to provide the goods in doubt, submit them to the original or the third-party authority for testing and detailed analysis in order to find out the causes of quality problems, and thus provide more effective responses to quality risks.
  • If the goods are confirmed of defects, Vadas International committee a full recall of goods and bear all the transportation costs.
  • Customers can also download the following RMA Application Form, fill it out and send it back for us to quickly grasp the detailed information of returns, and provide timely follow-up solutions to quality problems.

    As an independent distributor of electronic components certified by ISO9001:2008, Vadas International will keep real and detailed records for all return/inspection processes, implement relevant "Unqualified Goods Reports" and "Corrective and Preventive Reports" procedures, and archive internal control documents to prevent similar incidents from further happening.

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